Pots (PP) Shapes

We have a wide range of styles and sizes in our Shaped PP Pots range.

Our Shaped PP Pots keep your costs down: several pots match each lid diameter so you only need to stock one versatile lid for a range of sizes.

A protective collar protects the Shaped PP Pots lid during transport and improves the stability of the containers.

Key benefits

    • Protective collar
    • Withstands hot filling and blast freezing
    • Available in round, rectangular, oval and square
    • Broad range of standard sizes
    • Same lid fits several volumes
    • Liquid tight, snap-on lid
    • Visible deterrent to tampering
    • Insert option

VolumeLid Diameter (mm)ShapeIML
(In-mould labeling)
(Post-mould labeling)
28090x120RectangularYesLid only
1235200x140RectangularYesLid only
1750200x140RectangularYesLid only
2500200x140RectangularYesLid only
550145x95OvalYesLid only
600195x129OvalYesLid only
1200195x129OvalYesLid only
42589x89SquareYesLid only
600129x129SquareYesLid only
1150129x129SquareYesLid only
1500195x195SquareYesLid only
2000195x195SquareYesLid only
2500195x195SquareYesLid only
3000195x195SquareYesLid only
4000195x195SquareYesLid only
5000195x195SquareYesLid only

Did you know?

Com-Plas also provides a full printing service, IML or PML options. Click here for more information.

Why choose our PP Pots?

    • Tamper evident
    • Protective collar
    • Withstands hot filling & blast freezing
    • liquid tight, snap-on lid

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